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We have referred many of our clients to RandDTax since 2013 and have also sought RandDTax’s advice on certain potential Clients where the possibility of an R&D Tax Credit could be a key factor to in winning the account. Our largest R&D claim for one Client was some £400K and in total we have seen our Clients receiving several millions over the last 4 years. Jaime Lumsden and Alan Cook, have developed our knowledge in this specialist activity and we have become aware of many unexpected sectors where claims are possible. Indeed, our confidence in the reliable 100% track record of RandDTax has allowed us to share our Client lists with them and for DPC Directors to discover new potential claims in some quite surprising sectors. On the rare occasion that HMRC have sought clarification on certain claim details, RandDTax have immediately dealt with the case and attended any subsequent meetings on behalf of the Client. We have learned from RandDTax that it is not just high technology businesses which can successfully claim. Some of our Clients are in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Web Based or specific Software Development, but others are in the Food Sector, Recruitment, Medical Appliances, Air and Heat Management, Training, Construction, Fabric Manufacture and many other businesses where technology has been applied to their processes. RandDTax provide support in preparing the Technical Justification and building the Qualifying Costs analysis, both required by HMRC. They handhold the Client through the entire preparation process offering examples of typical documents required by HMRC. They also work closely with our internal DPC teams to generate claim summaries which we ourselves can then use as a cross check comparison against our own Tax Computations, prior to submission. This adds a layer of protection to our Clients. They have some 26 Consultants covering the UK, going to where our Clients are based and responding immediately; and RandDTax are also fee competitive when compared to some firms offering this service, charging rather less than than most. All in all, RandDTax is a knowledgeable, reliable and responsive specialist Research and Development Tax Relief Consultancy and a useful partner for DPC in offering enhanced services to our Clients.

Valerie Wood - Director - DPC Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors


Eyal Ben Cohen, Verifile - Relocation Project Management


“Thank you for your helpful assistance and advice regarding our recent office relocation.

I found that using your project management service saved a considerable amount of my personal time and reduced the necessity for me to make multiple site visits.

Your expertise and experience was evident in the selection of potential contractors and the judgements regarding the necessary work. You kept me well informed at each step of the process and presented the options in a way that simplified the decision making process.

I also appreciate your involvement with the negotiations with contractors which saved money on the project and made your fee very cost effective.

Overall I found your relocation project management a very professional service which I am happy to endorse and recommend to other business owners considering expansion or a move into new premises.”

David Matthews, Cellular Mouldings - Relocation Project Management


Thank you for your assistance with our recent factory relocation.

The structured approach using the checklists was of great assistance in the original planning stage. It highlighted the critical areas to be considered and ensured that nothing vital was forgotten or left until the last minute.

Your involvement with the project management was a valuable extra resource which allowed the management team more time to focus on running the business rather than getting distracted with the move. Your willingness to attend to matters at short notice, when required, was particularly helpful. Also, your contacts and associates were very useful in providing the various specialised services needed during the relocation process.

I found the relocation project management a very professional service and I am pleased to recommend it to other business owners considering a move.

J A Meadows, Lee Dickens Ltd - Marketing & Sales


This is just a brief note to thank you for all of the assistance you have provided to both divisions of Lee-Dickens Ltd over the last four years.

Although the initial work was focused on Sales & Marketing, you have been able to help us in many different ways since. This has included input to the general business review and planning process, assistance in obtaining significant grant funding and even help in finding and recruiting our new Q/A manager.

Throughout your association with Lee-Dickens you have demonstrated a professional approach and acted with integrity and therefore I am pleased to recommend your services to other business owners and managers.

If you have any queries regarding this letter, or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me

Tony Smith, Blaby Electrical - Business Review


I would like to say thank you for the first class business review of Blaby Electrical Limited which you recently completed.

The report not only reinforced and clarified my own views of the business but also identified other areas where business performance can be improved and we will be following through on your recommended actions.

It was certainly a very worthwhile exercise and I would not hesitate to recommend the value of such a review to other business owners.

David Brannock, ICE Partnership - Business Consultancy


Alan is an extremely competent and reliable professional. We worked together on a complex project with critical short lead times and achieved all objectives. I am looking forward to working in his expert marketing area to continue to grow and develop my business.

Peter Dickson, Phoenix Mecano - Management


"Alan was the best MD I have ever worked for, his judgment was spot on, it was my first job in outside sales and he gave me the chance to delevop the area "my way" He is a great corporate man with a strong attention to detail. The best all round ." March 20, 2010

Steven Horn, Townsend Coates Limited - Mentoring


"Alan is a polished and highly competent business leader with a wealth of experience, who consistently manages both business and staff matters with the utmost integrity. I consider myself fortunate to have been mentored by Alan whilst working at Townsend Coates, which contributed greatly in expanding my business management skills and career development." March 4, 2010

Marilyn Sharp, MDS Services - Management Consultancy


"I have worked for Alan Cook on various projects and always found him to be professional and helpful. I would recommend his services with out hesitation."

Peter Daly, Daly Systems Ltd - Coaching


Dear Alan,

I wanted to bring you up to date with progress at Daly Systems Ltd.  As a result of my enforced leave due to an accident earlier this year, we discussed ways in which Alman Consulting could assist Dalys in making progress with sales through this year, in one of the most challenging markets we have seen for many years.

I am pleased to report back to you that your valuable and continued input is making a difference to my sales team’s performance.  Having identified the talents and weaknesses of various people, your work in assisting them, coaching them and the managerial encouragement you give to them is giving the whole business a really productive feel good factor and more importantly useful increases in sales results.

I have no hesitation in recommending your services to any other business.  As you always say, you can only profit from good advice.

Many thanks for your valuable support and service.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Daly

Managing Director

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