Why Choose Us


We have worked in partnership with R and D Tax Ltd since September 2012 and to date have handled in excess of 4,000 claims for more than 900 companies throughout the UK – gaining them over £70million.

We are experts in scoping your R&D work, explaining the qualifying conditions, reviewing the technical aspects of your qualifying projects and producing the justifications and financial summaries for submission with your corporation tax claim.


100% success in our claims and no HMRC queries for over 2 years

We have this record because of our honest and transparent approach to managing your R&D claims. We will NEVER advise you to include for unjustifiable activities or costs but will ALWAYS work with you to maximise the benefit you receive.

Claims Management

We provide you with sound advice through our vast experience before, during and after your claim and we are supported by a team of in-house experts who will scrutinise your submissions before they go to HMRC to ensure compliance and avoid enquiries.

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