Working with Accountants

Most of our work is generated through the good relationships we have developed with accountants across the UK. As this is the only service we offer there is absolutely no conflict of interest and we actively work with your accountant to get the claims processed as quickly as possible.

Accountants enjoy working with us because they can sometimes find it complex to identify advances in technology and the legitimate qualifying expenses and we are there to take professional responsibility and provide technical support in the event of an enquiry.

We will not take over the role of the accountant as they are the Corporation Tax specialists, but we will help in any way we can (including dealing with any questions from HMRC in relation to R&D qualification).

HMRC Compliance

The main benefit of using a specialist is to ensure that you are remaining compliant with the rules set out by HMRC. We have already adopted the latest guidelines to guarantee we are submitting accurate information in the format they want to see.

The essential point of the supporting documentation is to convince HMRC that you have understood their definition about qualifying costs and activities and have applied it correctly.

In the vast majority of cases, our claims are processed and paid within 2-8 weeks without any query from HMRC.

If HMRC are not convinced that you have met the criteria they will either come back with some clarifying questions or trigger a full investigation, which could result in penalties.

Claims Process

All of our claims normally follow the same pattern and we strive to take most of the burden away from you, so you can focus on running your business.

We would start with an initial phone conversation to scope your business activities and discover if you have been engaged in work that qualifies for relief.

We would then arrange a face-to-face meeting (normally 1-2 hours) where we go through your business activities and detail each project for the technical justifications.

Our consultants then take this information and produce the justification documents and cost spreadsheets to support the claim. We then work with you and your accountant to submit the claim to HMRC.

We have an internal audit process to check all documents before submission and in the unlikely event of a query or investigation we will be with you to resolve any issues.

HMRC Enquiries

The laws and legislation around R&D Tax Relief are complicated and the presentation of the supporting documentation changes regularly. We always comply with the latest guidelines and have been 100% successful in the management of our claims.

Any issues would normally be dealt with over the phone or via email by us but, in the unlikely event of an investigation, we offer a complete claim defence support as part of our service which means that any problem will be resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Although we work to maximise your benefit, we will only ever advise you to claim for costs/activities that are justifiable and genuine, which is why we have such an enviable level of success and credibility.

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