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Milestone for R and D Tax


We've just heard the great news that we have made a successful claim for our 1,000th client! 

This is fantastic news and shows how far the company has come since it was launched in 2012. Those 1,000 companies have shared over £88 million in R&D Tax Credits and the average claim our customers receive is £50,000.

It's a really super achievement and massive congratulations to Terry and the team - onwards to £100m!

Using specialists to claim your R&D


I’ve heard of a few companies recently that are offering an R&D service for fixed fees or very small percentages and although you should never be overpaying, there’s a few questions to ask before you sign up.

1. Are they a reputable company and do the company have a track record of successful claims?

2. Could they be putting your business at risk by giving you incorrect advice?

3. Do they fully understand the scheme and are they going to help you understand the rules?

4. Will they help you maximise your claim by including all allowable costs?

5. Are they going to help you support your R&D claim by preparing a detailed technical justification in the format required by HMRC?

6. If HMRC decide to investigate your claim, are you going to be supported through that process? If there is any doubt in your mind it is always a good idea to talk to a specialist. The consultations are free and the advice you receive will equip you to make the best decision for your business.

As with everything – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! 

5 Star Rating for Services


Alman Consulting achieved a top “5 Star” rating for a recently completed project funded by the Manufacturing Advisory Service.  The client manufactured systems sold as capital equipment into the Business to Business Industrial Sector.

The project was to create demand for the company’s products and identify key decision makers in relevant target areas.  The process analysed existing sales to clarify the best target areas for new business, produced a list of companies to approach, created the appropriate marketing message and contacted those businesses to locate the key personnel.

This was achieved with the added bonus of immediate requirements being identified that led to new orders exceeding £140k.  The comment from the client was that they were “very pleased with what had been delivered” and they expected more business would come as a result of the project.

R&D Tax Claim obtained for Website Designer


Alman Consulting has succesfully helped a website design company to claim a substantial R & D Tax refund.  Previously the company did not even realise that they did Research and Development.

In addition to the basic website design, they created software products and applications.  These had to run on PC's, laptops, i-Pads and mobile phones and the company needed to do substantial work, at their own risk, to remove the uncertainties of working on these different platforms.

We helped the company by writing the technical justification to support the claim submitted by the clients accountant.

Pro-Active Sales Strategy


Alman Consulting has just completed a MAS supported Pro-Active Sales and Marketing Strategy project.  The Manufacturing Advisory Service funding enabled the company to undertake this work which was essential to develop the strategy for growth.

The project addressed issues of account segmentation and key account management which enabled the company to ensure retention of existing customers at the same time as finding new customers in the most advantageous target markets.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits


How would you feel if we gave you a cheque for £43,000?

We help you recognize, identify and quantify your research and development (R&D) activities to complete successful claims, working with your own accountants.  In the last year we have handled in excess of 110 claims and £43,000 was the average financial benefit for each client.  At the outset many clients did not appreciate that their development work or process improvements qualified.  They do now!

Our team covers the UK, our success rate is 100% and there is no cost to you if a claim fails for any reason.

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