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IBD Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics for ibd Advisors

All business Advisors who are accredited by ibd recognise that such accreditation is a privilege that must be both earned and maintained. In support of this principle, all ibd Advisors are committed to fully uphold this Code of Ethics. Advisors who intentionally or knowingly violate any provision of the Code will be subject to action by a peer review panel, which may result in the revocation of their accreditation.

  • Advisors shall offer impartial advice and provide diligent,       competent and cost effective services to clients.
  • Any conflict of interest with other clients or ibd Advisors should be declared at the earliest opportunity.
  • Advisers shall act honorably, honestly, justly, responsibly, and legally.
  • Advisors shall not disclose any proprietary or confidential information obtained in the course of their work to any other party without prior written permission from the owner of such information.
  • If a proposal or programme of work appears unlikely to yield  worthwhile benefits for a client, then this should be declared at the earliest opportunity.
  • Take care not to injure the reputation of other business professionals through malice or indifference.
  • Advisors shall maintain their skills, knowledge and competence through an ongoing programme of Continuing Professional Development.
  • Uphold the reputation of Initiatives in Business Development Group Ltd and its members. Avoid association with those whose practices or reputation might diminish the profession of an ibd Advisor.