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The R&D scheme aims to encourage companies to spend more on Research, Development and Innovation through corporation tax refunds or as a cash amount. The ultimate aim...

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UK Salt Reduction Report

UK Salt Reduction Report

MIXED PROGRESS FOR NEW SALT TARGETS The government has released the first report on the amount of salt in our food since targets have been...

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It is not just pure scientific research that is eligible for R&D tax relief. The scheme benefits a wide array of businesses, working in multiple sectors. We have successfully managed claims for a wide selection of companies, including:

Engineering Companies - The Motor Industry - Legal Firms - Manufacturing Companies - Ice Cream Makers - Security System Providers - Software Developers - Financial Services - Injection Moulders - Designers - Brewers - Building Suppliers – Food Manufactures

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Financial Technology (FinTech) has seen exceptional growth in Research and Development (R&D) tax relief claims in the last few years. In 2012, investment in FinTech internationally was $8.9bn whereas in the 12 months to July 2018 that figure rose to $57.8bn, and indications are that it will...

2018, A BUMPER YEAR FOR R&D: We’re getting to the end of 2018, but before we all head off for some mince pies in our Christmas jumpers, we’d love to celebrate a great 2018. The R&D Statistics report, released in September, showed how much investment there has been in...

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